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Thursday 18th April 2024 4pm – 4.30pm


Title: Facilitating self-expression to support transitions through Digital Storytelling with Sophie Brinsmead, Jess Millington, Laura Pardoe & Carys Deeley


Overview: This webinar provides an overview of our study into Digital Stories. Digital Stories are a creative and accessible method of utilising technology to support children to self-advocate and represent themselves. Children’s views and experiences were central in our study. Children and school staff perceived the process of making a Digital Story to be valuable, enjoyable and useful to supporting educational transitions, with children highlighting, “they will know loads more about me”.


EP Reach-Out has previously hosted a webinar with Henry Wood, who provided an overview of Digital Stories

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Thursday 2nd May 2024 4pm – 4.45pm


Title: Using the Youth Acceptance & Commitment Therapy model - ‘DNA-V’ - in schools to improve children’s mental health & wellbeing with Dr Duncan Gillard


Overview: This session provides a brief conceptual introduction to the youth model of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy: DNA-V (Hayes & Ciarrochi, 2015) and to its use in schools to improve the mental health, wellbeing, resilience and social connection of children and young people.  The workshop will explore how DNA-V can be used at Tier 1 (universal), Tier 2 (targeted) and Tier 3 (specialist/individualised) levels to support youth wellbeing in simple, practical, fun and powerful ways. 


More about the presenter: Dr Duncan Gillard is a HCPC (Health and Care Professions Council) registered Psychologist and an experienced ACT & DNA-V practitioner and trainer.

Duncan is the author of books including The Science of Children's Wellbeing (2023) and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) for Dummies (2016) and of a wide range of peer-reviewed articles and chapters on the subjects of ACT and Contextual Psychological Science.

For the last 18 months, Duncan has been leading an NHS-England funded, ACT-based psychology service called Enable Inclusion Team (EIT), which is a service for children, young people, families and schools where young people are at risk of permanent exclusion or presenting as anxious around school attendance.

Duncan is the co-developer of the ACT-informed children's wellbeing curriculum Connect PSHE, which is currently the only children's wellbeing curriculum in the U.K. to have been successfully subject to a Randomised Controlled Trial (RCT) yielding positive wellbeing outcomes for children.


Thursday 16th May 2024 4pm – 4.30pm


Title: Enhancing Staff Wellbeing: The Pivotal Role of Educational Psychologists in Schools with Dr Carol Strahan


Overview: The Teacher Wellbeing Index 2023 paints a concerning picture of the current state of wellbeing among education staff. One of the key contributing factors identified is the organisational culture within educational institutions, highlighting the need for systemic changes to address these growing challenges. This session looks at the role educational psychologists can play in supporting schools to develop a culture that emphasises the importance of emotional wellbeing for all staff members.


The session will provide an overview of the EPS School Staff Wellbeing Project which was set up in the Educational Psychology Service in Northern Ireland. This project has been running for over two years and to date has provided training to over 200 educational settings.


Carol has also written a blog for edpsy which can be read here


Carol is an Educational Psychologist at the Education Authority in Northern Ireland and a professional and academic tutor on the Doctorate in Educational, Child and Adolescent Psychology at Queens University Belfast.

Please get in touch with us if you would like to present your work. We love providing the space for people to share and celebrate the work they are doing to support children and young people.
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We are very excited to host an ongoing series of webinars focused on the environment - including wellbeing in nature, climate change and what we can do as EPs, educators and parents / carers... Visit the EP Reach-Out YouTube channel to watch the webinars already presented.

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‘An idea needs a containing presence and EP Reach-Out provides a space to share, explore and think about ideas together’

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EP Reach-Out hosts weekly webinars via Zoom and live streamed on YouTube on a Thursday afternoon 4pm - 4.30pm.


We have 160+ webinars available which you can watch on our YouTube channel. Please click on the button below.

You can also browse the themed Flipbooks to find a webinar of interest. Please click on the links below. We are currently in the process of updating the flipbooks so watch this space...

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Educational Psychology (EP) Reach-Out was created by Dr Nicole Schnackenberg and Dr Sarah Sivers in April 2020 in their role as Educational Psychologists working for Southend-on-Sea Educational Psychology Service (EPS). EP Reach-Out was developed in response to the changes in working brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic, with the hope of building online connections in a time of physical distance. EP Reach-Out is still going strong 3 years later and we have recently welcomed a group of volunteers, who will help us keep EP Reach-Out innovative and exciting. 

EP Reach-Out is aimed at young people, families, education settings, trainee Educational Psychologists, Educational Psychologists, aspiring Educational Psychologists and other professionals including social care, occupational therapy and child and adolescent mental health services.

The aim of EP Reach-Out is to ‘reach out’, share and learn from psychological theory, research and insights on a range of topics. EP Reach-Out is a community of practice welcoming friends from across the world to present and view the webinars. We are so grateful for the connections and friendships we have made through hosting EP Reach-Out.

EP Reach-Out collaborates with the wonderful Dan O'Hare and team at This involves linking webinars and blog posts to give a wider audience to the innovative research, projects and ideas being created by education professionals. Read more about our collaboration in this edpsy & EP Reach-Out blog

We would also like to thank the Association of Educational Psychologists (AEP) for their support in promoting the webinars.

EP Reach-Out continues to have a close connection with Southend EPS and the Southend-on-Sea City community; we appreciate their support, which has been provided from the very start of this project. We are also very proud to have written a journal article (Sivers and Schnackenberg, 2021) and a book chapter (Schnackenberg, Sivers & Powell-Davies, 2022) which provides an overview and evaluation of EP Reach-Out.

EP Reach-Out invites you to join us and Share-Connect-Learn


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Recommended webinar

This is a beautifully presented webinar providing ideas to gently support children to ask for help. Dr Mary Stanley-Duke, with the support of her rabbits, gives an overview of 3 skills (ANT) that parents (and teachers) can use. There is an emphasis on listening, scaffolding and working together. Really useful and useable ideas.

Reviewed by Sarah - September 2022

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"Exciting. It’s like waiting for the next series/season of a fav on Netflix"
"Thank you for all the incredible resources and webinars you produce. As someone with a desire to train as an EP, it can often feel difficult to find clear explanations of frameworks and models of psychology, so thank you for making these accessible to everyone"
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"Thank you for providing a platform for everyone to engage and learn about Educational Psychology. It is a truly incredible resource. Thank you also for the opportunity to present, I am immensely proud that I have been able to contribute"
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