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Welcome to the Liminal Space Wellbeing Resources page

I invite you to take a big breath in and then out and connect with the present moment...make it the biggest breath in and out that you have done all day, or even all week.
Continue to breath in and out with a steady rhythm as you explore the wellbeing resources.

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Wellbeing Resources

In this section you will find a range of resources and ideas to support the wellbeing and children, young people and adults. This page will be updated regularly with new information.

If you have any ideas and resources you would like to share with everyone please get in touch via email or twitter @Liminal_Psych 

6 Ways to Wellbeing

Research conducted by the New Economics Foundation (2008) and Basarkod (2019) suggest 6 key ways to support wellbeing.

Connect - Be Active - Learn - Take Notice - Give-Self-Care

Click here to read the blog I wrote for Maths No Problem which explores these steps and offers examples 

Six ways toward well-being for teachers (and everyone else)

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