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Pupil Views Collaborative Group Project

This page provides an overview of the work that has been done to explore children and young people's experiences of Covid-19 and beyond.

This work started in May 2020 and continues to develop and evolve to ensure the voices of children and young people are listened to and acted on.

If you would like to be part of the Pupil Views Collaborative Group please email

Maddi Popoola and Sarah Sivers have launched a new survey to explore what children and young people are thinking and feeling about their wellbeing and mental health.

This survey is for children and young people in Year 5

--> Year 13 to share their views and thoughts.

Teacher, parents, carers and professionals please share our Pupil Views flyer 

Click on the flyer below to access the survey

Ongoing research
final date for responses 12th May 2023
Pupil Views on Mental Health

Click on the flyer below to access the survey

Pupil Views on Wellbeing.png

Read our previous Pupil Views Research

I missed my friends and teachers

The first report shared the views of children and young people living in Southend-on-Sea and was created in May 2020 What you told us: Thoughts shared by children and young people about their coronavirus experience and what would help moving forwards

The second report was a joint report with Nottingham City Educational Psychology Service in July 2020, combining the views of children in their community with those of the Southend community. Exploring pupil views on their education during the pandemic 

This joint project was also published in the Division of Education and Child Psychology Debate journal - Hearing the voices of children and young people: An ecological systems analysis of individual difference and experiences during the Covid-19 lockdown (Popoola & Sivers, 2021)

More to be added...

Watch our Pupil Views Webinars

Watch the first webinar we presented on EP Reach-Out in May 2020, sharing what we found back to the children and young people - this video has had 1.3k+ views

What you told us: Thoughts shared by children and young people about the Covid-19 lockdown 

We have presented the views shared with us at a range of conferences both online and in-person. This includes:

  • The Association of Educational Psychologists Conference 

  • Summerhill Festival of Childhood 

  • Rethinking Education Conference

  • BPS Division of Crisis, Disaster and Trauma Psychology Conference

We provided expert testimony to the NICE guidelines committee in regards to updating the Social, Emotional and Mental Wellbeing in Primary and Secondary Education guidelines (2022).

We have contributed chapters to two books, which draw on the views shared with us by the children and young people. The books are:

Children in Lockdown: Learning the Lessons of Pandemic Times

What children and young people told us as the Covid-19 pandemic unfolded (Sivers, Wendland, Baggley & Boyle, 2022)


Square Pegs: Inclusivity, Compassion and Fitting In

Maslow, Relationships and Square Pegs (Popoola & Sivers, 2023)

Other ways we have shared Pupil Views

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